Social advancement refers to bringing about improvement in the lives of individuals or groups belonging to underprivileged and vulnerable sections of the society.

Despite government acts and policies, and efforts of several NGOs, social groups and philanthropists, most members of these vulnerable communities are far away from living better and dignified lives. Majority of them are trapped with the employment branded on them based on the community they are born in and experience extreme poverty throughout their lives; only a few are able to make significant improvements from one generation to next. 

Training and capacity building of the youth from these marginalised communities in green jobs could serve a dual agenda of environment conservation and poverty alleviation. According to the World Employment and Social Outlook 2018: Greening with Jobs , action to limit global warming to 2 degrees Celsius will result in sufficient job creation twenty-four million new jobs globally by 2030 if the right policies to promote a greener economy are put in place.

Our Services

At ERAF we are working towards breaking down barriers and helping  individuals from these underprivileged communities achieve their goals.

Our services include –

  1. Conducting studies for identifying areas and developing projects for employment of underpriviliged individuals  
  2. Training, education and skill development of these individual in green jobs in sectors such as renewable energy, energy conservation, water supply, waste management, environment compliance and pollution abatement among several others