ERAF Environmental Research Foundation

Research and Advisory for a Sustainable Future

Harnessing experience and knowledge to develop solutions for a healthier environment

Our Areas of Expertise

At ERAF we use our experience and scientific knowledge to develop strategies to help organizations, governments, and individuals make informed decisions that are better for the environment.

Waste Management

Providing advice and guidance in effective waste management strategies and technologies, creating awareness, and facilitating compliance

Environment Compliance

Helping our clients understand and meet their environmental obligations by complying with environmental regulations and laws

Water Supply

Providing expert advice and services to our clients on issues related to the supply and management of water to achieve 24x7 water supply

Social Advancement

Conducting studies and implementing projects for improvement of individuals or groups that have been marginalized or excluded from mainstream society

We Contribute to Sustainable Development

Environmental Compliance Monitoring

Consultancy services in Health, safety and environment (HSE) compliance and adherence to environmental, forest and wildlife certifications for infrastructure projects

Complementing Services

Research and Concept Papers

Studying a wide range of topics - pollution, conservation, climate change, and sustainable development. Developing concept papers -short documents outlining ideas for proposed research studies and projects.

Trainings and Workshops

Conceptualising, planning and conducting trainings, workshops and seminars for creating awareness on environmental conservation topics among students, societies, organisations and government officials.

Policy Advocacy

Studying environmental policies - researching, analyzing and promoting the implementation of the laws, regulations, and other government actions that are designed to protect the environment and promote sustainable development.

IEC Material Development

Developing informational education and communication (IEC) material for purposes, such as raising awareness and understanding, and encouraging behavior change on topics in our areas of expertise.

Conservation of Mangrove Habitats

Mangrove ecosystems are vital sources of biodiversity, and can reduce coastal erosion, pollution, the impact of natural disasters.

Learn more about our pilot project on conservation and restoration of Mumbai’s mangrove hotspots

Knowledge Partnerships

We firmly believe in a collaborative approach to tackling the issues and challenges of sustainable development

Our Clients

We are committed to collaborating with our clients to continuously find ways to protect and improve the environment for current and future generations


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