Water Supply

Water supply refers to the process of providing water to a community or area. This can include the collection, treatment, and distribution of water for drinking, irrigation, and industrial use. The water can be sourced from surface water (such as lakes and rivers) or groundwater (such as wells and aquifers). 

The goal of a water supply system is to provide a clean and reliable supply of water to meet the needs of the community it serves.


Our Services

At ERAF we provide the following services in the area of water supply – 

  1. Water resource management: help our clients manage and protect their water resources, by conducting water resource assessments, developing water resource management plans, and identifying and mitigating sources of water pollution.

  2. Water treatment: providing expertise in the design, construction, and operation of water treatment facilities, including those used for drinking water and wastewater treatment.

  3. Water supply planning: assisting our clients with the planning and design of new water supply infrastructure, such as wells, pumps, reservoirs and distribution systems.

  4. Water quality monitoring: assisting in the collection and analysis of water quality data to assess the suitability of water for various uses, and identify any potential sources of pollution.

  5. Compliance and permitting: assisting clients in navigating complex regulations –  securing permits for new water supply projects and ensuring compliance with environmental laws and regulations.

  6. Hydrogeological assessment and modeling: helping in understanding the flow and distribution of water in aquifers, and the influence of natural and human factors on the resources.

  7. Training and Education: providing training and education to facilitate the understanding and compliance of relevant regulations and sharing best practices.